Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bookmarking in a Virtual Education Setting

There are a few absolutely essential skills that both you and your students need in a virtual setting.  In a virtual world (and well, honestly, for any educator), keeping track of your valuable websites is essential. is one program that does that for you by providing you with visual bookmarks and more!

Let's start with the visual bookmarking feature.  If you are presenting in an online classroom (and again, in a brick-and-mortar classroom) it's important to seamlessly move between the resources, documents, and items that you displaying to students. let you do just that!  What's even better, it's free to begin and provides so much more! also offers extensions and bookmarklets to make adding your favorite websites to your page in a fast and effortless way.  Check out these instructions for your favorite browser at this link:

For example, do you love Sticky Notes? Digital or paper?  You can keep notes in  your free program and place them on a separate page where they will never be lost and are easy to find and organize!

Love to organize with colors? has you covered!  You can use colors to help you organize your valuable resources. even lets you add widgets for RSS feeds, weather, news, shopping, and so much more!

To get you started, I've created a short video to cover the essentials.

The final step is to make your bookmarking page your default page when you browser opens. The, whenever you start your computer or log into your page on ANY computer, anywhere, you have all of your bookmarks, notes, and favorite widgets at your fingertips.  Just check out this page to learn how make your page your default startup page in your browser:

Happy Bookmarking everyone!  Oh, and a little secret, this site is really great for everyone, no matter your profession but especially good for educators and virtual educators!

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