Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Help Us Give This Little Boy And His Family A Christmas Dream Of Reaching $11000 In Donations For His Heart Transplant!

We are so appreciative of the kind donations that have been given to www.cotaforzakm.com. We are excited to say that we only need $125 more to break $11000 for the family. Our goal is $50,000 but each achievement is so amazing and a I see a bit of relief on the family's face. With the older son now needing a new heart, Dad needing a new heart, and, of course, our Zak, the burden is heavy. At Christmas time, the weight of the medical bills and trying to help "Santa" with his job is overwhelming. Can we do this? Can we help COTA For Zak M break $11,000? There is no doubt we can? With 1212 likes, only 10% donating $1 each would do it! Please help me make that call to the family to announce $11000 in donations by Christmas by donating $1 or more to www.cotaforzakm.com. Just click the donate button and follow the menu. And, thank you so much!!! You all have made a difference in this families incredible heart story and journey!

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