Monday, February 11, 2013

Symbaloo's New Interface - Looks Amazing

I was so excited to read about Symbaloo's New Interface.  I have long expressed my concern with the fact that my tabs across the top of the screen are unmanageable. It looks like Symbaloo listened and is addressing that problem along with a host of new options and improvements.

The first improvement is an expandable side bar.  In the side bar, there will be the ability to switch between tabs to get to all your webmixes.  When you have over 80 and growing, that means a great deal.  Clicking on a webmix will open up a tab and your webmix.  Brilliant!

It looks like you will be able to handle your settings and other administrative responsibilities. From the graphics displayed on the Symbaloo website, you can also customize the wallpaper and tiles to the sidebar settings. I also see a button to upload images which means that your customization can be even more personalized. From the educator's standpoint, this kind of personalization allows you to connect educational webmixes to their content visually.

Another feature of the sidebar appears to be a search bar that will let you search for tiles and webmixes from the gallery. This is a great way to collaborate with other Symbaloo users and to share webmixes.

Thank you, Symbaloo, for listening to our comments. I, for one, cannot wait to start using the new interface as it appears it will streamline my use of Symbaloo.


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