Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mailstrom - Inbox Zero At Its Best

Today, I discovered Mailstrom!  Mailstrom takes inbox organization to a new level, is free right now, and gets you quickly to the ultimate goal of inbox zero!  Imagine having your inbox at zero...just imagine!

It's a very easy process.  Simply go their site and enter your email address.  Enter a few more details and mailstrom begins separating your email so that you can look at it like you want to.  For instance, you can look at by time frame (age), subject, sender, Social, and Shopping.  But, my very favorite is Lists.  With Lists, you can instantly unsubscribe from those annoying subscriptions you wonder how you got yourself into AND delete the emails all in one click!

For the other views, you have the option of archiving collections of similar items, deleting them, or moving them to another folder.  You can even create a rule that will be followed when similar emails arrive in the future.

Now, when I say deleting, I don't mean that you have 500 emails and you have to delete 50 at a time...I mean, delete...all at click....same with archive and move.  Huge timesaver!

By the way, while Mailstrom is organizing one mailbox, you can add others (Gmail and iMap) and then you can clean them all up.

Another plus was that it unsubscribed me using the correct subscriber email automatically. I didn't have to type it in.  It automatically switched to the correct one for the unsubscription process!

Seriously, run, don't walk to Mailstrom and try out this fantastic program.  I cancelled Sane Box immediately and believe I will be using Mailstrom for my email organization needs!  LOVE IT!

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