Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 New Tech Jewels I REALLY Discovered This Week

diamondI have shared apps and websites here that looked great for education but I want to share some of those again, and some new ones, that I REALLY discovered and used with a class or myself and found to be fantastic!  These are worth checking out!


I've read so much about it but this time, I actually used it with a class and I'm blown away by the capabilities of the program.Strengths:

  • Easy to learn

  • Easy to use

  • Works with any device with Internet access

  • Perfect for BYOT/BYOD

  • SpaceRace is a BLAST!

  • Sends results/reports to teacher of activities.

  • Free!


  • Can't think of any

Class Dojo

What a great way to manage classrooms and keep excellent, real-time records of the behaviors and activities in your class.


  • Easy to learn

  • Easy to use

  • Works with whiteboards, smartphone, tablets, and desktops

  • Sends automatic weekly reports to parents

  • Provides excellent record-keeping for your own classroom management needs

  • Free


  • If displaying class, what about privacy concerns for students?

MyScript Calculator

Just take a look at this amazing app.  There's a Google Play and Apple App for it and the handwriting recognition is excellent.


  • Easy to use

  • Cool to use

  • Able to handle pretty complex formulas and operations

  • Free


  • A little learning curve for more complex operations

  • Important to clear screen (just like a calculator) before entering new calculation

  • Uses ? for variable

Use Your Handwriting- Apple App

You have to use this to see how fluid the handwriting is with this.  It's actually fun to write the sentences and the iPad enhances the experience.  Just send your list to yourself when you are done to use your list anywhere!


  • Fun to use

  • Great looking results

  • Can share to Facebook, Twitter, Images, or email

  • Great colors and neon look

  • Free


  • Only that the handwriting is all it does!  But, then again, that's what this app is intended to do!


I've used Cooliris as a Firefox Add-on and it is great!  It's a great way to work with your photos on your computer or do searches and sharing activities.  But, now, it's available on the iPhone and iPad and offers the same cool features.  It has a great chat feature, as well.  It's just a great way to search images.


  • Easy to Use

  • Beautiful Display

  • Easy to share and discuss with friends and a group you designate

  • Super great for searching Google Images

  • Share to social networks easily

  • Search social network photos easily

  • Free


  • Only searches Google images

  • Limited number of social network sharing



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