Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MyCQs - Multiple Choice Questions On Your iPhone & iPad

MyCQs is an app for your iPhone and iPad and it's free today (January 2, 2012).  The idea behind this app is that you can connect with friends to review and revise the questions.  Imagine the Math Department at your school creating tests with this, allowing everyone to collaborate to improve the quality of the test questions!

Grab it while it's free!

Information is found at their website at and it's available in the App Store at


  1. Thanks Carol,

    Happy new year

    I Blogged in Dutch about this app. It's nice, thought still rather basic, don't you think?

  2. HI! Thanks for your comment! It is limited by the multiple choice aspect but I do think the social aspect of it is a positive move in the right direction! :) Thanks for sharing your post, as well!