Thursday, December 27, 2012

Using MentorMob as a Class Management Tool

MentorMob has many uses within the K – 12 classroom. However, one of the most valuable and little talked about benefits of using MentorMob is for class management and student safety.

When students are working in MentorMob, they are working within the playlist moving from step to step. The framework or interface of the MentorMob playlist can be used to ensure students are on track and on task. The playlist has an easily recognizable frame and a simple glance around the room provides assurance that students are in the right place and working on the right assignment. This is a huge benefit when managing classrooms especially when some of those classrooms have 30 (or even more) students.

To enhance this tool as a classroom management feature, be sure to tell your students how easy it is to determine if they are on target and on task before they begin their work.

My favorite feature of MentorMob is its use for classroom safety. MentorMob's interface is set up so that teacher – selected websites are brought to the students within the interface instead of the students browsing out to the Internet. This feature eliminates a lot of random searching which can lead to a variety of problems from not completing the work to happening upon inappropriate sites.

No matter what type of group you are working with, presenting in the MentorMob interface decreases the chance for distraction and improves the opportunity for engagement and focused learning.

The next time you are considering taking your students to the computer lab or bringing a laptop cart to your room, create your lesson in MentorMob first and productivity in the quality of products submitted by the students are likely to be improved.

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