Sunday, December 23, 2012

Recommendation: Two iPad Apps For Babies - Free and Wonderful! (With Video)

I usually only write about K-12 issues but I've recently happened upon two apps that have engaged my 11-month old grandson totally.  It takes only the slightest touch for my grandson to be treated to jumping shapes, engaging sounds, and a sparkling of stars that is simply intriguing to him.

I captured some video of him with one of the apps and I just had to share it with you here so you could see his engagement with it.  This was made with him using Laugh & Learn Shapes & Colors Music Show for Baby By Fisher-Price.

The other app he loves is the Fisher-Price Giggle Gang App for Baby.  This app is especially cool because you can record a small audio clip for each sweet jumping character and they will repeat it.  So, "I love you" or "How Big is Baby?  So Big" can be recorded and the jumping characters repeat the recording. It works the same as the app showing in the video but it has that extra audio feature.  My grandson loves to hear his name repeated and he recognizes my voice!  An extra plus!

I cannot recommend these two apps enough!  They are perfect for your little one!

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