Monday, December 31, 2012

Pocket Informant: Calendar, Tasks, and Notes In One App!

Happy New Year everyone! I want to first take a moment to thank everyone for the support and following this blog, following us on Twitter, or like he does on Facebook.

For this year's first post, I'm excited to share with you the app that is going to be my only calendar and task program. The app is called Pocket Informant and their website is

You may recall that I have been looking for the perfect app for quite some time. I realize that I needed an app that handled my calendar, synced with Google calendar, synced with Outlook, and handled my tasks as well. I trade an awful lot of apps and Pocket Informant is the center is the perfect solution.

One of the best features of Pocket Informant is that it has a great interface that is easy to work with and intuitive, as well. If you remember the paper Day Planners that were so popular, then Pocket Informants will be a favorite for you, as well.

Pocket Informant is not an inexpensive app. The iPad app is $14.99 (however, today it seems to be on sale for $8.99) and the iPhone app is $9.99. If you want to sync everything including tags, folders, and more, the company offers a subscription for a yearly fee of $15 the ability to do so. For me, having an excellence calendar and task Is so important that it was worth the cost and nothing else came close to providing the features of Pocket Informant.

Check out this video to get an idea of how Pocket Informant works. In future posts, I'll discuss the other calendar and task apps that I tried (and there were lots) as I delete them off my devices.

There are light versions of Pocket Informant that you can try and I recommend you do so. I will be posting about my adventures with this app but for now I am completely happy with it and looking forward to using it.


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