Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day Two Of Our Heart Transplant(S) Journey

As Day 1 of our new journey became day two, I can say without doubt that the world continues to spin.  There has been news today.

Zak's Make-A-Wish wish to visit New York and Times Square will be granted!

Zak, his Mom and Step-Dad, Quest, Sutton, and M.J. will be flying to New York on February 10-15th.  What an amazing program the Make-A-Wish Foundation is and what amazing work they do.  I am so happy for all of them.  The entire family needs this break to just relax and enjoy something wonderful!

When you are dealing with these kinds of extremes, two heart transplants in one year, I find it's funny how it processes.  I'll be at work answering emails, sort of moving right along, and then I think of it.  It sort of stops me in my tracks for a minute.  It takes a little self-talk and then I'm able to get back to it.  Or, the phone rings, I run to help a teacher, or something similar.

I'm thankful for work. It provides a routine; a place to focus on my job and the amazing people I work with. The sweet teacher next door brightened by day with a hug, listening, and some of the best homemade peppermint marshmallow's ever!  Folks who just sat with us during a student-hosted lunch made me laugh and shared their plans for the holiday and I appreciated them.  And, I work with a wonderful person who always cheers me up.  I'm lucky!

Yet, in the middle of all of this, the thought creeps in, the reminder of what lies ahead.  I don't know if my face reflects the moment,and I sure hope it doesn't, but I kick in the self-talk and then the conversation moves on.

Mornings are kind of different, too.  You wake up, fuzzy brain begins to clear, and then you remember.  Instant stomach punch.  Then, you adjust, you get up and you go.  You just get going.  Coffee is a comfort.  I need more coffee at work.  I need a coffee pot....yes, I do....I need to put that on my to-do list.

Clarence is trying to see about having his heart transplant here instead of San Antonio.  For so many reasons, that is a better choice.  This will be a very unique situation for the two of them, Clarence and Zak.  I wonder if any other family has been through two heart transplants at the same time or so close together?

So, those are my ramblings as of tonight.  It's on to day 3.... 

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