Thursday, December 20, 2012

Computer As Lockdown Alerts - Why Not?

great ideaSo, I was thinking the other day....if school computers are networked in a district, can't they be used to alert teachers and staff to intrusion or safety concerns. For example, if an intruder enters a building and there's a need for lockdown, just like teller's can notify police, couldn't that same button set-up send an instant screen to every computer in the building (or district) with a lockdown message? I'm not saying to replace what is already done but to enahnce what is already done.

At Sandy Hook, someone turned on the speaker system and teachers figured out it was an intruder. The same action could instantly send a message to the computer screens to eliminate the precious time it takes to figure out what the sounds represented.


  1. That is such a great idea - and so sensible- the lady that is the President of the National Teacher's Federation (or close to that name) should be asked about that - why don't you follow up on that and recommend. It is such a natural in this day and age. Could be as simple a screen as "INTRUDER - LOCKDOWN!!" How do you all feel about being asked to be trained and expected to be an armed guard for your schools? I personally feel this is over and above any duty listed on your job description - and some of our Representatives are saying that teachers are lazy, inept, not doing their duty, etc. Now they want you to have a entirely new career in Criminal Justice and armed defense. This has to be stopped!!

  2. As a follow-up to previous comment, Earle asked if a sound be attached in case the computer screens are black - or do they light up automatically when message is received. But a sound (not quite as loud) similar to the weather alert could maybe be attached.