Friday, December 28, 2012 - interactive charts online!

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Create, embed and share your charts, plots, diagrams and maps online.


Carol Mortensen's insight:

Whether you want your students to create an interactive chart, plot, diagram, or map or you want to create one for class or presentations, offers you the ability to do so online.  Enhance your classroom presentations or professional development sessions by creating an interactive chart that can be visited and revisited.  Place or link to your website for students use. Or, have the students create their own chart to share their knowledge!

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  1. Thanks for tipping me off the Chartle, a useful tool to share with the teachers I know and students and professionals alike. There are some really good data visualizations offered by too but that is more for infographics. Following you on Facebook and look to staying plugged in that way. Thanks again and all the best!

  2. I'm so glad it was of use to you! Please keep us informed of your discoveries with Chartle! Looking forward to sharing ideas with you hear and on Facebook! :) ~Carol