Thursday, November 29, 2012

Seven Gifted Educators And My Day!

Today, I had the privilege of working with five of the gifted educators who work with me at my school.  In addition, two other incredible educators were there from the school that I worked at previously.  The engagement of these folks as they worked to develop presentations to share with their peers was inspiring.

It is days like this that I get emotional about because they remind me of what a caring group that educators are and what an honor it is to be in this profession.  Despite incredible work loads, long days, low pay, and an unending to-do list that seems to grow continuously, these folks manage to continue to teach from the heart and make a real difference in the lives of their students.  But, I have to say, they may not realize, they make a difference in the lives of their peers, too, who learn from their leadership and dedication.

So, today, my blog is not about an app or a technology tool, but just a moment to take a step back and realize how lucky I am to be in this profession and to work with these kind of people.

Just a note that I realize some may think I'm sappy or goofy (or whatever) because of this but it won't matter.  Technology, Educators, and Education get me emotional and those that know me, know it's no secret.  In fact, it's more like a "There she goes again!"  I wouldn't change anything about it, though!  This is a wonderful feeling!

So, thank you, ladies!  You know who you are!

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