Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PrimaDesk: Double Billing and Billing After Cancellation

Readers, I want to share my experience with Primadesk and hopefully help you use this to make an informed decision about their product.  Primadesk is a service that claims to simply things by bringing all your applications together for easy access, transferring.   It works both on your computer and your mobile devices.  You can also share out your documents and photos.

It sounded good and I signed up with them for a $5 monthly fee.  I didn't use it much.  The reason was that I found the interface difficult to deal with.  It wasn't intuitive in my perspective.  Small font and bland, it just didn't work for me.

Another issue was the emails I kept getting to upgrade to Primadesk Pro or Premium when I already had it.  I think they should have known that and stopped with the email. I love the one that I got where they were offering a 50% discount to subscribers or extra storage to subscribers that didn't apply to me at all since I'd already signed up.  Just sort of a reminder of benefits I didn't get.

So, I cancelled. Not a big deal, right?  Wrong!

It seems:

  • A new account was opened up the day after I cancelled that I didn't initiate which I immediately reported.

  • Two days after I cancelled, I was charged for Primadesk.

  • After I let them know about this, they sent an email to FastSprings requesting this last charge be cancelled with a listing of my account charges which clearly showed I had been double charged in October.

  • I questioned the multiple charges and then heard nothing about them except a promise to look into it.

  • I wrote a few emails requesting updates to which I heard nothing.

I finally had waited long enough yesterday and wrote a letter requesting my refund again.It's not a fortune, I realize, but it isn't right either.

I only write this to share my experience and give you my impression of the service. In my case, they noted the biling problems themselves yet did not follow through to ensure it was corrected.  Some of my emails did not receive responses.  And, most of the responses I received were one sentence, no salutations, no signature, and not very information.

Note:  I just received word in the last few minutes of writing this that I would receive the double charge refund.  No word on my question about whether both of these accounts were definitely cancelled.


  1. Why pay money when there are other services that are totally free? (and with a much better interface in my opinion).

  2. You are right! Which ones do you recommend? Thanks for commenting!

  3. Carol,

    Sorry for all the trouble. Usually Primadesk support is very good. We apologize for the issues you had with the interactions.

    Hope all the issues have been taken care of.


    Primadesk support team.

  4. Thank you, Primadesk! This was nice to receive! The situation is resolved now I am happy to say though it took a bit of a struggle. :)

  5. i personally use Cloudkafe. It's great ( and free :) ).

  6. Great! Thank you for sharing! I'll be anxious to try it!

  7. I am using ZeroPC. (www.zeropc.com) It has far better Apps (iOS, Android, Tablet) and also great web desktop (amazing). All free.
    Although I recently upgrade to Basic ($2.99 , just one cup of Starbuck Latte) because Basic user can put multiple dropbox, google accounts. I need to access both personal and work account at the same time.

  8. Thanks! I will definitely take a laook at this! I appreciate your sharing with us!