Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oral Testing, Oral Reinforcement: How Evernote Can Help

There are times when students need the support of oral reinforcement for understanding or testing.  This is also a great way for students to listen to their essays as they record themselves and play it back.  Or, how about having foreign language students use this to practice their speaking skills and then listen back. Here's a great idea that works really well that we've used with success.

  • Set up an Evernote account just for your audio recordings to support students in assignments, quizzes, or tests.

Create a free account in Evernote that is used for nothing else but your oral recordings.

  • Record whatever needs to be in audio format to support students in Evernote using the Microphone icon in a new note.

Evernote has this great abililty to record audio by just clicking on the microphone icon in a new note.  The recording can last for 1.5 hours.  If you need more time, you can do more than one recording.  When recording several pages, make several smaller sized recordings of 5 pages of text that has been read.  Then, the audio is in smaller chunks easier for the student to manage.

  • Show the student how to pause and move the audio control to repeat a  portion of the audio or move forward.

The students at secondary level do great with controlling their own reading and they can easily repeat items.

  • Students can access your Evernote audio from anywhere.  If you want your students to listen on a computer at the back of the room, just open up Evernote there and give them headphones.  You can log in multiple students to listen to the same recordings, as well.

  • In a BYOT/BYOD environment, students can have their own Evernoteaccount and teachers can simply share the recording with them so that they can listen on their own devices.

There's no need to pay for costly programs to provide oral content.  Simply record it yourself and share through Evernote

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