Sunday, November 25, 2012

MentorMob: Great Tool For Professional Development

MentorMob InnovatorI have a professional development presentation to give on Wednesday to 180 high school teachers and I needed a great place to package the information. I wanted something that would be easy to navigate, pull it all together, but also be a cool tool that the educators I'm teaching might go back and use with their students.

MentorMob was the answer.

Now, if you haven't visited MentorMob in a while, you need to go back and take a look. It's so much improved.  Some of the great "new" features are:

  • Ability to upload thumbnails of my choice for the slide icons

  • Ability to add a link, a document, a video, or a quiz to a slide

  • Ability to add "challenges" to slides to assign some talking points, a process to be completed, or get feedback

  • Streamlined the interface for the steps in the playlist

Here's what I did:

  • I created some slides in PowerPoint with major steps outlined, little text, great graphics

  • I uploaded the slides as my steps in MentorMob and used the "Directions" field to write all the detailed instructions and support information.

  • I created a short 5-question quiz to check for understanding at the end

  • I embedded the playlist on my campus webpage where it is ready for Wednesday.

And the benefits?  Well, they were:

  • It looks SOOOO cool on the webpage

  • Through MentorMob University, I'm going to be able to track all of the attendees progress and see how many revisit it

  • Even with the fact that it was the end of the holiday vacation, I enjoyed the process; it was fun to put together

  • The playlist will be available for anyone who misses the training, needs to go back to the training, or just wants to marvel at the training (LOL!)

Any hitches?  Well, yes, but I've notified MentorMob and I KNOW they will take care of it.  They were:

  • When I embedded the playlist, they showed an article title at the top of the tile that isn't very friendly looking.

Any wishes?  Well, yes, again. I wish:

  • I could control the font that is included in the description field.  Mostly, I wish I could bold, italics, and underline.

  • That learners added to the MentorMob University (MMU) would be notified manually instead of automatically for their enrollment.  I would have liked to have taken care of that tonight but I need to wait until I can notify all the attendees that this will be coming or it will cause confusion when they get an email from a place they may not have heard of before. I've used it before but not with the MMU so this will be new.

Do I recommend MentorMob?  Absolutely!  This is an awesome tool.  MentorMob University holds incredible options and I'm excited to take advantage of them!

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