Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thinking Of Signing Up For SymbalooEDU? I Did Today And Here Is What I've Learned! (Video)

If you follow MyWeb4Ed, then you likely know that I use SymbalooEDU faithfully.  Symbaloo and I have worked through some issues and they have responded.  Now, to be honest with my readers, I must hold Symbaloo's proverbial feet to the fire and say that timeliness is probably not their strongest point.  On the other hand, their product exceeds all others (and I've tried them all) for providing a simple, functional, and cool way to gather and share resources.

So, I'm proud to say that I'm Symbaloo Certified as a PD Pro! So, I wondered about the benefits of their Teacher/Librarian Plan as found here:

Now, Symbaloo, your  listing of benefits here excludes one very important, worthwhile feature so I  hope you'll add it because I think educators might be more apt to purchase if they know about this.  Much of what they offer just doesn't appear in their page listing so it's worth knowing about.  The two that are listed are the ability to apply Branding (Text Only (HuH?  Text Only?  Why?)) and get email support.  Sure doesn't look like much but there is more.  To get a better idea, please watch this video:

So, I've taken the leap today and signed up for two years.  I paid.  The process was simple enough.  But, be aware, after doing so, you get a receipt for your payment (PayPal) but then I've heard nothing.  I sort of expected a welcome email with instructions as to what to expect next.  But, it's been about 6 hours now and I haven't received anything.  So, Symbaloo, another suggestion for you is to share on your purchase page what educators should expect when they sign up in terms of follow-up or to create one of those nice automated emails that let's folks know.

So, you can probably tell by now that I'm excited but haven't really put my finger on what it is that I'm excited about. :)  I'm sort of trusting that there was a reason to move forward on this based on how much I appreciate their free service.

I will be following up with what occurs next so you all will know!



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