Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dear Symbaloo: Two Requests That Will Make Symbaloo Better

As you all know, I'm very fond of Symbaloo!  I have 16 webmixes and all but one is shared with the public. The ability to put together groupings of visual bookmarks, use the Symbaloo app (available for iPhone, iPad, and Android) and Firefox Addons, makes Symbaloo and excellent educational tool.  There are two changes that I hope they'll add as soon as possible to their visual bookmarking tool!

  1. Click to sort bookmark tiles –  Alpha:  I want to be able to click and have all of my bookmark tiles sort alphabetically!  Wow, that would be AWESOME!

  2. Rework The Tab Interface –  Good news on this as I'm told they are in the process of focusing on this concern.  Currently, I have 16 tabs and only 6.5 fit on my screen so I have to scroll to see 10.5 of them.

I'm excited to be presenting on Symbaloo at TCEA next February and hope these new features will have been in place for a long time when I do.
Tags: symbaloo,+webmixes,+firefox,+browser,+bookmarking


  1. Great ideas. I'd like to be able to search within my webmixes for a specific tile, seeing as I now have more than 30 webmixes! Love Symbaloo!

  2. Agreed! I know that Symbaloo has improved their responsiveness to our requests. Have you written them to share your idea?