Sunday, July 22, 2012

Discounts for Educators: Plaxo (Updated with new,lower educator price!)

In our jobs, we deal with email from work and email from personal life.  We make contacts and network constantly and need to manage all of them.  Usually, those contacts are in a variety of places such as your work contact list in your work email, your home contact list in your home email, and also in your mobile phone.

Plaxo at addressed this by providing a one-stop location for all of your contacts.  They are, as they advertise, your address book for life.  You can import them easily into Plaxo from all of your locations and then create one comprehensive list easily.  It includes a very nice duplicate manager.  I’ve been working with the interface all morning and found it to be very easy to manipulate and quick to eliminate errors.  I also like that I can see my contacts so easily so I can easily spot things that need to be updated.  It’s also very easy to create groups which is nice for classroom or contact management.

Bottom line is that Plaxo is going to save me time.  As a bonus, Plaxo will also sync your calendars between Google, Outlook, and Plaxo.

So, I realized that this could be a great timesaver for teachers and a real benefit.

I contacted Plaxo and am pleased to add them to the list of Educator Friendly businesses.   Here is what Plaxo is offering:

Plaxo offers a Platinum Sync and Personal Assistant that usually costs $118.99.  However, Plaxo has graciously offered to give educators an Academic Discount  so that the package is $60 $29.99.  To obtain this special pricing, contact and be sure to put to the attention of Academic Discounts.  Redgee Capili, GM,, VP Customer Experience, will authorize the discount.

This is a great offer and MyWeb4Ed would like to thank Plaxo for being Educator Friendly!

As a note, I am not affiliated with Plaxo in any way nor do I receive any benefit from this posting.  My hope is to simply share great tools with teachers at a discount.

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