Monday, June 4, 2012

Need To Believe In Education? Attend A Graduation Ceremony!

If you have been having trouble believing in education or seeing a reason for all that you do, the solution may be very simple. Just attend a high school graduation ceremony. Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to be in the middle of a sea of bright shiny faces, all who were seniors about to go through a rite of passage. I was instantly reminded of the glory of what we do as educators. The air was electric with excitement emanating from the students and a stadium full of parents, grandchildren, and friends.

When the students entered the field, the roar of applause and gleeful shouts was overwhelming and serves to remind the world of the success these young people have accomplished. Memories of our own early beginnings into adulthood join the flood of emotions. Its really amazing. You cant help but become enveloped by the joy, the pride, and the potential that surrounds you.

Now, one new experience for me was the technology that was central to the events. Im not talking about the large screen display, or the streaming video that was simultaneously took place during the rites, but instead. It was the students who held their smartphones in their hands throughout the entire process, texting with family, snapping shots, and tweeting the event live. Now, Im talking almost 100% of the students had them in this large class of 800+ graduates.

Yes, we teach for a reason. And, we continue to share the importance of meeting the needs of this digital generation because we. Must. We simply must!


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