Monday, June 11, 2012

Go through your email one at a time and in order - Part 9 in a Series - Email Mgmt 4 Educators

This one is going to be tough, dear Readers.  It's hard to look at the email in your inbox and jump back and forth between them but this step in the 30-day process of managing your email effectively is work through the email in your inbox one-by-one and in order.  Remember, working through your email effectively means applying the 4 D's discussed in the last blog post in this series.  Now, this one doesn't take a lot of discussion except to say that I know it is so tempting to look at all of your emails and skip around between them but don't do it!  Using this approach, you'll process your email quickly and effectively.  I promise!

So, part 9 of the series is simply:
Work through your email one at a time and in order!

Now,  I've been looking forward all day to sharing with you that I officially emptied my inbox and my Backlog folder today!  I can't believe it but you can see that I, too, had quite a bit to manage!  Don't laugh but I felt empowered when I clicked that last email and moved it to my To-do folder, adding it to my Tasks list at the same time.  And, I'll be honest, it didn't take that long to achieve.  I did follow the steps in the series but I certainly didn't work hours on a time on the clean-up process.  I'm so excited I'll be tackling my personal email next and that is a real BIG job.

Just as additional information, the to-do/Task step has already saved me on two different items I needed to accomplish and almost forgot until I received the Task notifications.  It does make me feel more confident that I won't miss something very important when I have this system working this work.

I do hope you'll give today's step a try and that the previous steps are helping out in some way.  I'd love to hear from you so please leave a comment and let me know how your email management project is going!

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