Friday, May 11, 2012

Voki and Symbaloo? Say What? Awesome!

I was making a Voki today and, upon publishing, noticed the ability to embed my Voki on Symbaloo.  Wow!  I had not realized this was possible and my mind started racing with all of the cool possibilities for student projects and tutorials using the combination.  A little more investigation and I found a great example of a fifth grade class that made a "goodbye" webmix on Symbaloo out of Vokis.   Each student created one goodbye and remembrance of their fifth grade year.  The teacher even created a Voki explaining their Voki assignment.

This addresses so many issues including some of the barriers that often affect teachers such as finding a site or space to host projects like this!  Of course, it's motivational, allows students to be creative, integrates technology, is downright cool, and free!

Take a look at the fifth grade "Goodbye" webmix to get an idea of how this looks:

How about this Voki Webmix sharing tips about the Sun?

Finally, here's a great webmix from Symbaloo with instructions for embedding your Voki  into a webmix:

It also covers embedding Google Docs, Teacher Tube, Flickr, SlideShare, Screenr, Prezi, TwitPic, and Animoto!

Give it a try!


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