Thursday, May 17, 2012

MentorMob Final Workshop is Ready!

I really wanted to use the Pro features of this to track my learners but I went ahead and made my Playlist public because I want to be able to share this with you all.  I'm pleased with this and I'm really looking forward to feedback on them, especially from a learner's prospective.

I wish I could have this public at all times and just enable the Pro features by giving a password to those that I want to track with those features.  (Hint, hint MentorMob.)

Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!




  1. Always a great suggestion Carol. We still have a 'Clone feature' in development that will allow you to create a public playlist and then make a copy that is private. This will allow you to take advantage of all the pro account features, and still be able to share your playlist with the world.

  2. Hi
    The embedded Mob looks pretty and seemed to work fine. I'll need to explore a bit more, particularly around the step of students using the information for some sort of activity or reflection. Still, thanks for the heads up about the site. I've been following your posts in my RSS reader.

  3. Kevin,
    Thanks for the post! I'm glad to know it worked well for you. I think this has so much potential to be a powerful learning tool! :) It's visually appealing and seems to allow for great interactivity!

    Thanks for following us in your reader! We really appreciate it!