Saturday, April 21, 2012

Simply Novel: A New Idea For Teaching Novels

There are a lot of reasons I really like Simply Novel.  First and foremost is that it serves students and provides teachers with a great resource.  The premise is simple and that is the beauty in it:  Simply Novel offers a kit to teach novels that include reproducible graphic organizers, KWL chart, essay prompt, and an innovative PowerPoint learning tool.  Teachers at all levels of technology experience can easily implement the program as almost everyone is comfortable with PowerPoint.  This is a huge plus.  In addition, objectives are laid out and teachers can see what the learning goals are and ensure mastery occurs.  The learning goals are what you'd want them to be including identifying  setting, determining genre, identifying the theme and literary devices, and so much more. 

The creators have taken time to include concepts that incorporates Bloom's Taxonomy.  In addition, care has been given to provide the ability to serve individual students with specific needs such as ELL and Special Education students.

There are currently 12 novel kits available:

  • Animal Farm

  • Beowulf

  • Frankenstein

  • Julius Caesar

  • MacBeth

  • Of Mice and Men

  • Romeo and Juliet

  • The Crucible

  • The House on Mango Street

  • The Odyssey

  • Things Fall Apart

  • To Kill A Mockingbird

The Hobbit is coming soon!

As you know, I'm very conscious about the cost of these type of programs and at $19.95 a kit, this seems a bargain.  The best part is that the kit is a digital download so you can be ready to go in a short period of time and that's important to eduacators.
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