Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Symbaloo: The Fun Continues

Symbaloo has grown to become one of my most used tools.  I am continuously blown away by its capabilities.  My daughters and my husband are all now avid Symbaloo users.  We’ve explored the Symbaloo main function as well as its Firefox Add-on that makes adding bookmarks to Symbaloo very easy but now it is time for us to explore the Social Media component to Symbaloo.

In Symbaloo, webmixes are like categories containing related tiles.  These webmixes are shown as tabs across Symbaloo’s interface.  Each tile contains a bookmarked site.

One of the nicest features is using Symbaloo to find webmixes that are related to the items that you are interested in.  Users of Symbaloo have shared these webmixes and  you can import them into your Symbaloo.  The nice thing is that you can edit them once you have them so you can make it a very useful tool.

So, how do you find and share your Symbaloo webmixes.

  • Log into your Symbaloo account.

  • Click Gallery in the top right hand corner of the screen.

  • Type a subject in the search box.  Click Search.

  • You can then preview the webmix by clicking Add this webmix! button. 

  • If you like the webmix, click Add it!

  • If you find too  many webmixes, try the Advanced Options to filter them further.

  • Rate webmixes with the stars you see in the pink framework!

If you have’t given Symbaloo a try yet, I strongly recommend doing so.  As much as I love Diigo, and I do, I’m using Symbaloo almost primarily these days!  Try it and I have a feeling you’ll find out why.  Share your thoughts about Symbaloo with us here!

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