Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Innovative Educator: Way Out of the Box

This blog looks great and one that is sure to reap rewards for those who are willing to invest the time in reading the entries that are made available for review.  This blog, 6 Ways To Turn Your 1-Computer Classroom Into a Global Communication Center, provides real solutions and suggests resources to really connect your classroom to a host of great resources.  Some may not work within your school district.  For example, Facebook is closed to many educators in their school system, but the article offers other choices that may not be a problem to implement.  The style of the blog is easy-to-read, as well.  As a bonus, there is a Prezi supporting the article content as well.

Why not take a look at The Innovative Educator and see if you find some ideas and tools that just might make a difference in your own classroom?

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