Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zemanta - Couldn't Be Without This App

Zemanta...Time to share about Zemanta!  So, let's say you are writing a message in GMail....Zemanta works with Gmail to allow you instantly add related articles and images to your emails.  So, you want to share some information about educational research or a lesson plan.  Just start writing your message in GMail and Zemanta works behind the scenes to find related images and sources.  After you write a bit...I found I need about a paragraph, the Zemanta option populates and allows me to click and instantly insert the links or images.  And, it  makes it nice...a bulleted list for the links!  

Now, if you are a blogger...oh my gosh, if you are a blogger, this app works seamlessly to enhance your blog.  It will highlight and link key words for definitions, find resource articles, images, and suggest tags (can I just tell you that I NEVER want to come up with my own tags again..what a waste of time)...and it will let you choose your own resources....like a picture on your computer or you can ask it to find articles in  your blog that relate.

Ooooh, and copyright is always an issue.  No worries, pictures are from sites like wikimedia and creative commons.  It denotes the source, too.

And, oh, yeah, the cherry on the icing on the cake (all of that)...it's Free!!!  Check it out...phenomenal!

Note:  I have Zemanta installed on Blogger, ScribeFire, Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, and GMail.  Zemanta also works with WordPress and other blogging platforms and as a browser tool in Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, and Opera.  Some are extensions, some are applets...just depends....all are worth it!

Another app that I get emotional about! 


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