Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Challenge: Individual Assessments: Collaborative Expectations

I'm inspired by words I heard (yes, heard, it's a video in my course) discussing our current assessment protocols and the challenge when an educator strives to integrate best practices and teaches collaboratively.

George Siemens had some good things to share and there were some incredibly powerful questions that he asked.  "The challenge is: How do you change an assessment model based on individual learning to a model based on collaborative learning?"

He is, of course, right!  Our entire educational system is focused on individual results, individual outcomes but research has now shown us that authentic assessment comes from students completing real tasks  and not producing memorized answers to questions we provide them.  And, of course, Texas' standardized test flies in the face of all of the research and has created an even more individualized focus.  But, then, our professional developments strive to inspire us to collaborate....Sheesh, little wonder there is such a disconnect and teachers feel pulled from every angle.  So, what is next?  How does this get rectified?



Siemens, G. (n.d.). Assessment of Collaborative LearningWalden University.

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