Friday, July 8, 2011

Organizing Your Digital Life Progress, Google+, Twitter and More

00103Image by TechCrunch via FlickrI've been steadily working on the organization of my digital life.  I've used a few programs to get to know them each. Of course, this could all be done manually but I'm all about making it easier and more efficient.  Currently, I'm very pleased with Tabbles at  I wrote about them before but they allow me to easily (very easily) manage my files.  I find that this is the program that I end up back with time and time again.  Though I still very like iDoc.  Both have great advantages.  

With Tabbles, I can create a rule for my files.  So, let's say I decide that I'm going to include Marki for any files that I name that have to do with Marki.  For instance:  Marki laughing, Marki Resume, Marki and Boys.  Well, in Tabbles, I can create a rule (if you've used any email system making rules, you'll understand this) and it automatically marks it all nicely.  

So, I don't ever  have to think about the organization again once I'm done with the set-up. I like that!  And, I can run the rule after I create it.  You see, in Tabbles, your file stays in ONE place and you can then "tag" it so you can easily find it and cross reference it.  For instance, in the example I noted above, Marki and the Boys could cross reference to Marki, Quest, Zak, and Sutton...all  Automatically!  

I've also been looking at Google+ now that I'm in.  I like it...but I am disappointed that my Google Apps account that I pay for isn't able to be the account i use to login to Google+.  They say it's coming but doesn't seem that those paying for a premium account should definitely have it working?  That said, I'm still very impressed, don't get me wrong...I just want it to work with the account I pay for, not my free Gmail account.  

Twitter has been more and more a part of my life lately.  I find that I get great educational info there and I'm slowly building up those that I follow with excellent educational folks.  And, I'm happy to say that my following is building, as well.  I appreciate that so much.

Did you all get signed up to Diigo yet?  Please let me know your Diigo name so we can connect if you did.  I am still learning more great features of this program every day!  Did I mention that have excellent groups in Diigo plus with awesome resources shared?

Oh and Facebook, the Video thing is nice but it didn't run as seamlessly as I'd hoped...definitely matters what browser I'm in....could you have purposely made it difficult in Chrome, I wonder?  Hmmmm?!?

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