Thursday, July 14, 2011

I want to stand on a chair and yell "You've Got This! You're Doing it!

If I could change one thing...I would change the way teachers and educators downplay their abilities with technology and technology integration.  I have worked with amazing teachers and educators who do amazing things in the classroom but they often say "I am not good with the technology" or "I try but I don't do it very well."  But it's not true!  They do amazing things.  They bring interactive activities into the classroom with Clickers and interactive websites.  They create projects that practice technology skills and excite and motivate those students.  They seek out ideas for collaboration and find great online videos of sites and sounds around the world to bring the REAL content to the students.  These are the steps that make it work, this is "doing it!"  Yes, there's always more to do...that's the beauty of technology...but that doesn't mean what you are doing isn't understanding how it reaches the students.

I want to stand on a chair and yell "You've Got This! You're Doing it!  Don't Stop Now!  And, for heaven's sake, don't downplay it!  You're making a difference! I know because I watch you do it each and every day with your students!"

Remember, being tentative about it is not equivalent to not doing it.  And, that's what matters!

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