Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why SugarSync didn't work for me!


This is a story about reading the fine print! I am totally disappointed and will not recommend SugarSync to any of my readers. At first, I was thrilled with what they offered but I came to learn that they have some serious issues. It started with a huge memory drain on my computer that totally impacted it's performance. Sure enough, once removing SugarSync after searching and finding that others had the same problem and discovered it to be SugarSync, my computer's performance improved tremendously.
So, of course, I cancelled their service. After cancelling, I was charged for the following month! Now, remember I said AFTER cancelling. When I assumed it was an oversight and wrote them, they explained they have a NO REFUND policy. So, let me get this: I cancel SugarSync. You don't update your computer promptly so you allow me to get charged again and then you tell me no refund policy means you can't correct it? Ridiculous!
I asked for the policy and sure enough...No Refund.
So, I'm afraid based on this and the memory drain on the computer, I'd have to retract my support of SugarSync and suggest you all try or some other service.
I hope to hear from the SugarSync people with a message that my money will be refunded and, of course, I'll report if I do. They should get credit if they correct the situation. But, let's just say I"m not holding my breath!
And, my first reversed recommendation is now official!
5/26/2011 - 7:13 p.m.: Since posting this blog, I am happy to say that I have
heard from Amanda at SugarSync who did offer a very sincere apology for this situation and explained that the monthly fee should have been refunded as they have a 2-day grace period when cancellation and billing are are within that time frame. I believed and appreciated the apology and the fact that they responded so quickly. It didn't actually say I was going to receive the refund and I hope to hear that this is the next thing I hear from them and, of course, I will report that if/when it happens.

5/27/2011 - I've now received official word from Amanda that I'm getting a refund from SugarSync and it has been processed. Thank you, Amanda! I am glad to be able to post that this was taken care of!


  1. is the refund policy only with 2 days on activation? I had issues where Sugarsync was syncing multiple copies of the same data thus causing me to think that I had 60GB of data and thus had to pay $99.99/yr. I figured out what was happening and realized I only needed 3.5GB of storage and downgraded my account to the 5GB level. The status of my account now says "5GB account will start next Sept, 2012"! What gives? I cancelled the account 12/17/2011 and don't want to be billed til 9/24/2012. Am I crazy or is Sugarsync crooked?

  2. I fin the fact that they hide behind a policy like this something that suggests they can't stand behind there product. After trying the paid (60GB) service for 6 months I asked to cancel and get a pro-rata refund. No go, they tell me. I think Sugarsync is really bad in general technically (which is why I want to stop using them), and even worse in business policy. I imagine they will be consolidated to something better and out of business soon...probably their goal!

  3. I'm sorry you dealt with this. They did correct the situation for me at the time. I was hoping to hear that they had improved. Thanks for writing!

  4. I've just asked sugarsync customer services to cancel my renewal, due next week ,after having been with them two years.

    Two issues:

    I should be able to to cancel my account without going to customer services.

    A relatively simple upload problem has not been solved by their technical support after a week of emails and chat sessions. Instead of solving the problem (not able to upload files by email any more), they keep closing the call.

    I've now moved my account to zipcloud ( which looks a hell of a lot better

  5. I'm really sorry you had that problem but I do understand. Zipcloud at looks great and at $4.95 a month, you can't beat the price! Please let us know what you think about it! Thanks for sharing! ~Carol

  6. Sugarsync just charged me for an annual renewal fee of $99 five days ago. I asked for a refund and they said no. After using them for 2 years, I'm leaving with a very sour taste in my mouth. Anybody want the next 11 1/2 months of my subscription?