Friday, May 13, 2011

To The Cloud...I'm Moving To The Cloud

"The two main cloud types are Stratocumul...Image via WikipediaI've been thinking about the way that I spend my day-to-day hours and a lot of what my work requires is the ability to access files and folders quickly and easily from a variety of different places.  I know that I find myself using less and less programs and more and more "cloud" apps.  So, my summer goal is to move as much as possible of my "stuff" to the clouds.  I'm ready to do it...just a bit ahead of the release of Chromebook, it seems.  As I beef up the work I already do in the cloud, and find new places to work in the cloud, I'm going to share what I find with the MyWeb4Ed readers and hopefully run across some great resources.

Now, on another note, I actually closed my SugarSync account.  I loved the service but it was a huge drain on my memory.  Once the SugarSync manager was removed, poof, so was the drain.  Therefore, I'm on the lookout for another service that isn't such a drain and will keep you all informed when I find it.

So, here I go.....into the wild, white cloud...and the  journey begins!  Stay tuned!

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