Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FotoFlexer - Excellent, FREE Online Image Editor

Have you heard of FotoFlexer?  It's very similar to Picnik and I gave it a try tonight to see how it worked.  I specifically needed to cut out a face and place another face (cut out) in the photo where the original face was located!  It was a snap to complete!  I managed to do 5 pictures with ease!  I see it has a ton more capabilities to use including a merge feature which I'll be trying out next!  If you like Picnik, you'll like FotoFlexer.  I do think that navigating around FotoFlexer is a bit easier than Picnik and I like the step-by-step instructions provided in FotoFlexer with their features once you initiate one (like cut out a face).

I'd really recommend giving it a look!  I know you'll be happy you did!

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