Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Teacher Who Uses Technology, Not a Techie Teaching Virtually - JR Miller

Begins with video of teacher who couldn't imagine herself as a virtual teacher much less a virtual course creator.

Packaged course did not meet needs. Sometimes they have errors and misspellings.

Courses must serve all students (504,special Ed)
Pacing chart for students is available but students won't follow it
Synchronous discussion ongoing
Requires proper spelling and grammar
Substance and depth required in answers
Cheating - plagiarism (turnitin.com)
All tests priceless
Locks units until group is there
Student collaboration

Thoughts - it's great to see a non- Techie doing this but my sense is that she is trying to make the virtual format very similar to face-to-face. Feels like sticking the round peg into a square hole.

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