Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sequencing Podcast: TAKS Reading Class by Caren Rumsey

8th graders who had not passed reading were placed in a class. Need scanner or camera, project, and computer.

Used software like PowerPoint, Photostory3

Website: My Big Campus
Citation Machine

Podcast - multimedia that can be subscribed to

1) Went to library and selected a book with great pictures with writing below picture.
2) Scanned every page
3) Put in PPT so could be displayed on projector
4) Discussed pictures
5) Created a narrated podcast on the book.
6) Used rubric created in Rubistar at Rubistar.4teachers.org
7) Step -by-step instructions
8) Typed up entire story in program like Word
9) Use pictures and PowerPoint to narrate and create Podcast
10) Focus on citations and Citation Machine

Thoughts...easy way to motivate students with easily accessible programs but I have concerns about copyright with scanning the entire book.


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