Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Office 2010, Twitterfeed, and Email Management! These are a few of my favorite things...

I'm still working on my email management and taking care of all the steps that I've written about so far.  How about you?  Are you having any success with gaining control of that email inbox?

It's been an interesting vacation so far and I've been able to focus on some technology "to-do" items.  First, I purchased Office 2010.  I got a great discount for Office 2010 Pro at the Academic Superstore ($79).  The biggest issue is the delay while they verify you are an educator (or student).  I already had my verification in but it still took a few days.  Well worth the trouble when you consider the deep discount!  So, far, Office 2010 is just great!  I really liked 2007 and do miss the ribbon interface the way it was but I'm sure this will become just as comfortable.  I very much like Outlook 2010.

I had an extra monitor in the other room and set up double monitors on my computer.  I find it makes working with files and folders much easier. I have a feeling that I'll be looking for that third monitor in no time.

I had to stop using Ping to send my blog feeds to other services because of some weird posts I didn't send and change to Twitterfeed.

And, that is my changes since the break!  More to come on the email series soon so check back often!

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