Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flag Your Email When You Need To Follow Up - Part 7 in a Series

Microsoft Office MobileImage via WikipediaOur series continues with a new step in our 30 days to managing your email:

Flag Your Email When You Need To Follow Up

Many email systems have a great feature that allows you to flag an email and it automatically is put into a to-do list which can be sorted by date needed.  A simple click in Outlook, for instance, on the small flag on the toolbar of an email is all it takes to have the email and reminder put instantly into your to-do list!

Then, use your to-do list to ensure you take care of those items.  One of the nicest features is that  your email with information about your "to-do" item is attached to the to-do list entry so you can easily see the information that may have been provided in the email to expedite the process of completing the task.  This cuts hours out of your email work and helps manage your daily tasks, as well!  You can't beat a combination like that!

So, to complete this step, find out if your email program has this feature and how to use it.  If it doesn't have this feature, consider finding a different email program.  There are so many out there for free that there is no reason to go without this helpful feature.  GMail, for example, has an excellent free email program that can be used or if you prefer a desktop email program, Outlook Express and Thunderbird provide this service.  For Mac users, Mail does a great job integrating tasks and emails!

So, find your flag and raise it!  You'll be happy you did!
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