Saturday, December 18, 2010

Delicious closing? No worries, Diigo is better, anyway!

With the uproar over Delicious' possible closing, I am taking a break from the series on Email Management to share that there are no worries at all!  Diigo is so much better!  With the ability to no or graphic, leave notes for others on the page, leave notes for yourself on the page by annotation or with a sticky note, diigo is just MUCH better.  While Delicious was good, Diigo is simply excellent.
Diigo knows what is about to happen with this recent announcement and posted about an easy way to get your bookmarks moved over to Diigo safe and sound at  Honestly, folks, it will be just fine!  I moved to Diigo several months ago and have never looked back!

Check out Diigo at  By the way, be sure you get the Diigo for Educators so you can use it with your classroom. I'm telling you, you'll wonder what you worried about!


  1. >Have you checked out They've got a bookmark importer and you can save more web types- vids etc

  2. I agree! Diigo has so much more to offer. Unfortunately many iPad apps link to Delicious and none seem to play with Diigo. Maybe this will encourage some to go that way.

  3. I haven't been able to reach Diigo has been down now for a couple of days. Did it also go under?

  4. I'm not having any trouble seeing it. I think all is well!