Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Whole New World Has Opened Up - It All Started With Netflix....

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When I got my iPad, everyone said I had to try Netflix.  They were right!  For $8.95 a month, I enjoy a multitude of programs and have just finished Season 6 of The Office, a show I somehow had missed and am so glad I am now a total fan.  (Yes, my ringtone is The Office theme!) 

But today, today there is Roku!  We aren't into the game boxes here and we wanted an easy and inexpensive way to stream Netflix onto our TV.  Roku was the answer!  For $59.95, we received the Rocu streaming device and I had it up and running in 3 minutes.  It does require Internet so you need to have a wireless connection or be able to hardwire the box.  We now have gorgeous HD Netflix available.  But, there was so much more.  Roku also offers
  • Pandora, a free radio station where you can choose your favorites and build radio stations to your liking around your choice
  • Kidlet, a free  children's station that includes movies and TV seasons from some of our grandsons favorites
  • Mobile Tribe - one stop place for my social networks
  • Flickr
  • Picasa
  • You Tube
  • HuluPro
  • Amazon Video
  • More, more, more
Overall, I'm thrilled with this new device.  I can't help but wonder if our DirecTV is on its way out with it's replacement being a very inexpensive NetFlix subscription!

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