Sunday, October 10, 2010

RSS in Plain English - Save Time, Gather Information Quickly - Do You RSS? (Revised 6/3/12)

I get asked a lot how I have the time to find the sites to add to MyWeb4Ed or to use in the classroom or share with others.  Well, the trick is that I use an RSS Reader so that all those great tips and tricks, new sites, and information comes to me and I don't have to go looking for it.  It occurred to me that many of you might not be taking advantage of this super easy-to-use tool so today's blog focuses on setting up your RSS Reader and subscribing to the information that will make your job easier.

I have to admit to being late to the RSS party.  I haven't used it to its fullest capacity and, as an educator, that is a real shame.  Now, I can't imagine how to keep up with things efficiently without it.  I know I unnecessarily missed lots of useful information, too.
This week, I found myself explaining to a friend how to subscribe to my blog at and I realized that there is probably a lot of busy folks missing out on the advantage of using an RSS reader to keep up with critical information and find those gems of ideas.

Here's a great video with transcript to support you as you learn more about RSS:

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