Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 Cool Resources - The List of Cool Educational Sites

Google Wonder WheelImage by OLC Fiber via FlickrThese are the kind of blogs I love to find the most. Here you will find a little bit of everything and lots of cool things worth sharing. There is sure to be something you can use! Enjoy the list:
  1.  Using Vokis in Education ( This provides an easy-to-read insight into the use of avatars and vokis in education
  2. Free online teleprompter ( - Create a free online teleprompter for creating professional vodcasts and speeches
  3. Timer - simple online countdown timer ( - Excellent Timer to Display and use in class
  4. Live Binder ( - Organize your resources in an online binder that is always accessible no matter whwere you are
  5. ( ) - Share YouTube videos safely, removes questionable ads and elements around YouTube videos
  6. Google Wonder Wheel ( - Here is a great way to optimize search results in Google and see information in a relevant way.
  7. Jog The Web ( - Create a guide to a set of websites taking viewers step-by-step through them all (Perfect for a list like this!)
  8.  Google Apps Education Training Center ( - Online learning environment designed for educators and students who want to effectively use Google Apps in an educational contest
  9. Scribble Maps ( - Allows users to make and share maps Google maps. Students can add text and pictures to the information boxes, and they can see their project in map view, satellite view, hybrid view, and night sky. They can zoom in and out and find a particular area using the search box.
  10. Harry’s Big Adventure ( - Educational website from Terminix pest control company built around the character Harry, a praying mantis who guides visitors through resources for teachers and students. The educator center provides teachers with curriculum guides and lesson plans, created by entomologists at Audubon Insectarium and Terminix, that correlate with National Science Teacher Award.

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