Friday, September 24, 2010

VozMe! Text To Speech, Quick, Easy, and Free!

Here's a great site that will help in your classrooms and enhance the effectiveness of your classroom websites.  VozMe at is a great tool.  To use, just:

  • Click on the site and type in or copy and paste some text into the field

  • Choose a male or female voice from the dropdown box

  • Click the "Create mp3" button

  • A new window will open with your text as an audio clip

  • Right click on the "Download mp3" link and choose "Save Link As.."

  • Save the file to your computer

  • Use in class or add to your webpage

Here's some great ideas for using VozMe!

  • Have students paste their written work in VozMe and then ask them to create an mp3 and listen to it.  Misspelled words, fragmented sentences and words will stand out!

  • Use for ESL students or students who need audio support for lessons

  • Create a personalized welcome message on your webpage

Here's a sample:

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