Thursday, September 23, 2010

ThinkFree Online (Microsoft Office Alternative)

Most of us use an Office suite of programs for word processing, excel, and presentations.  I love Google Docs for real-time collaboration.  And, Open Office for an alternative to Microsoft Office.  However, I stumbled upon a new website today that I think is truly promising!  The site is ThinkFree Online and offers cloud computing for your documents, spreadsheets,  and presentations.  It is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, too!  The web-based program is free and offers 1GB of storage.  It is also has an Adroid, Windows Mobile, and iPhone app for mobile computing.

As I was thinking about the advantages this provides of accessing your documents anywhere in the word, I also thought about the impact this program could have for students who may not have access to Microsoft Office or are unable to download OpenOffice.  Plus, the students could access their work from anywhere they were so no more forgetting that lost paper at home because it could be accessible from the web.
On a personal note, I am drawn more and more to cloud computing solutions for easy access.  I like the ability to access my documents anywhere, anytime!
ThinkFree Online also works well with Google Docs and you can integrate them to manage your documents.
Give ThinkFree Online a look at http://www.thinkfreeonline.comand see what you think!

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