Sunday, September 12, 2010

Teacher Fonts and Website Home Page

Your website home page is critical! Think of your classroom home page as the front of a book. If you are looking at the front page of a book, does it make you want to purchase it or set it back on the shelf? The home page of your website works the same way. When a visitor looks at the home page, do they want to click and investigate it further or do they want to click and leave your site?

With this in mind, use your classroom home page to share critical information such as your name, room number, course(s) taught, conference period, and phone number. Take some time and add graphics or images that will invite the viewer to click and enter your site (and find the great academic stuff you have there!)

My daughter and I worked together to create a home page graphic for her new 1st grade classroom site and I'm sharing that here as an example of a home page that invites the user to enter the site! Of course, it also provides the critical information that is necessary.

During our creative process tonight, we discovered a great website where teachers can find special fonts for free! We used one of them on this graphic but the same font could be used to create great handwriting worksheets for students. The site is Free Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and may be found at

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