Thursday, June 17, 2010

Text Expanders...Simplify Your Life!

Hi everyone! Today, I'm going to talk about two programs: one for the PC and one for the Mac that has saved me countless hours of time! Now, they have trial versions but they are inexpensive one time purchases. That said, I cannot imagine not having the program for my computer. I can tell you that I have saved precious minutes with tasks that gives me time to focus on more important things...whether that is facilitating learning or time with family. No matter what you do, I believe we can benefit from automating some tasks.

For example, let's assume that I'm writing the Assignment page entry for a website. Using one of these programs, I simply type a shortcut word of my choice and it writes the assignment for me while stopping at critical pieces that change (like homework, today's assigment, websites) for me to import those things. However, the detailed "how-to" for my assignment page flies onto the screen.

In my online courses, I use the tool to provide feedback and write emails that are repeated often. If, for instance, you write instructions for how to set up a printer, you could save it in these programs and just type a shortcut like "printr" and have it roll out the instructions in any program for easy access. Even putting your address in is a huge help!

One other benefit is that I can put in shortcuts to open programs. For instance, a simple 3 letter abbrieviation opens FaceBook for me. How nice is that? Now, mind you, there are other programs and I've tried almost all of them but I've found these to be the very best and the most cost effective:

Mac - Text Expander -
Cost - 34.95. Now, get this! Text Expander has an iPhone app for $4.95 so you can use these shortcuts on your iPhone for emails, documents, etc.

PC - Breevy -
Cost - $29.95

Both programs have a money-back guarantee and with the trial version you can't go wrong. Word of warning, though, once you try them, you'll wonder how you made it without them! (Note: I am just recommending. I don't have any association other than owning the programs with these software vendors.)

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