Saturday, May 1, 2010

Screenr, Parallels, and Incredimail

A variety of sites to share with you today.

Let's start with Screenr at whichis a great tool for easily creating screen recordings. They had samples there and that let me some very short but excellent tutorials on using PowerPoint for presentations.

So, my next site is I found 8 short, Screenr tutorials on using PowerPoint to create animated presentations. Watch them and I really believe you'll be amazed. PowerPoint is really impressing me more each day as a versatile tool! PowerPoint 2007 for PC and PowerPoint 2008 for Mac have really redefined PowerPoint and it's uses in my opinion.

I worked on speeding up my Parallels at so I could take advantage of the best of both my Mac and my PC. It was running a little slow on switching over to PC so I used the forums to find a solution and I did. It was as simple as manually indicating the memory for Parallels at Max in the Parallels preference pane. It was automatically set there but changing it to manual made a difference!

And, finally, had so much fun with Incredimail at So cool, beautiful stationary and wonderful graphics! They have a free and a premium version and it's just makes email fun!

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