Friday, May 7, 2010

Resources for All Content Areas, All Grades and for Teachers, Too!!

I am in Austin working with incredibly talented people who have a real understanding of technology integration. These folks are leaders in their fields and it is amazing being in their company. What a wonderful place to find some great resources to share with you all. Here are the sites discovered today:

  • The Concord Consortium ( Here you will find software for education free-of-charge. One of my favorite was "The Broken Calculator" designed to help students develop computational fluency as they solve problems with a "broken" calculator. They must work with their problem-solving skills to solve the problem and explain their strategies! There's much more! You'll have to explore!

  • Cornell Science Inquiry Partnership (http:// You'll find projects resources for high school and middle school Science. From the high school level "Roller Coaster Project" to the middle school "Gingerbread House Design," you'll find innovative projects to spark your students interest and increase their academic understanding!

  • Topology and Geometry Software ( Here you'll find downloadable FREE games to introduce students to the multi-connected universe!

  • Youmail! ( OK, this is a great tool for your voice mail. This program gives you visual voice mail, use your phone or your computer for your messages, has voice-to-text, create different greetings for your callers, share your voice mail messages, unwanted caller blocking. Free and premium service available and the premium service starts at $1.99 a month.

  • Learn Alberta ( This is an incredible resource for all content areas provided by the Canadian government. There are instructional videos that connect concepts to the real world, interactive activities that provide guided practice, and independent practice opportunities ready to be printed. You truly should visit this site...I am sure you will be impressed!

  • Shodor ( Shodor is a compilation of incredible interactive resources including Interactivate (previously featured). I was very impressed with the Deaf CS activities. DEAF CS is a collection of activities and lessons that use modeling and simulation technologies to help students and their teachers explore math and science concepts. But, there is so much more!

  • SAILOn Subject Area Interactive Lessons Online ( For Texas teachers, this is a must-use resource. For ALL grade levels PK-12, this site takes the TEKS for ALL content areas and links them to interactive resources that provide engaging activities for students! Fine arts is included! Take a look!

So, there you have the group of programs I explored today! What's #1 today?? Learn Alberta!!! High quality activities that do what a good activity should do: teach, guided practice, and independent practice!



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