Sunday, May 2, 2010

Customized URL in FaceBook, 1Password, Google Chrome, iDocument (Revised 6/28/12)

First, a tip or trick for your Facebook personal page or a Project or Business page. You can get a custom URL for your page for free!
Here's how: Go to this website at It will check to see if you can make your personal page into a URL and do so. Underneath this, you'll see an option to make additional pages into unique URL's. If it's not taken, it's yours! I now have two new URL's for my Facebook pages: (this has been disabled) and Go grab your own Facebook URL address now!

Spent time at 1Password, the Mac version of Roboform for Windows. If you have not tried whichever program works for your computer, you are missing out on excellent password managers. And 1Password syncs with your iPhone.

Finally, I'm experimenting with Google Chrome. If I can get Delicious (which I'm now addicted to) and 1Password to work with it, then we are good to go!!!

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