Monday, May 3, 2010

Create Books, Lifesaving Teacher Tips, Games, Quizzes, and Tons of Free PowerPoint Templates

Today was interesting as I was able to visit many sites as I searched for resources. I found the following:

  • Let's Book It provides step-by-step instructions for creating books using technology tools like PowerPoint or MSWord. Samples are provided to view.

  • MsEffie's site had resources for Art teachers, too! It's really worth visiting! A great example of a website as a teaching tool. Loved looking at the student work! Plus, she has put her all time favorite lesson plans that she personally used on the Assignment page!

  • ProProfs provides free interactive quiz and game creation tools for teachers.

  • Google FeedBurner allowed me to place my Blogger (this blog) feed on my iWeb website and include all of my Delicious additions as I add them.

  • And, all of the rest were cool PowerPoint Templates because I am more excited every day with the graphic possibilities of using PowerPoint 2007 (PC) or PowerPoint 2008 (Mac)to create Website graphics!

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